Friday, June 22, 2007

Music To Set It Off By

And I say that because this record is big. Meaning it has a lot going on. Meaning you know something is going to happen. So much so that parts of this record sound like they should be a soundtrack for a Rube Goldberg machine. a BIG ONE . I'm talking about starting with a marble rolling down a small rail and setting in motion a series of events so far reaching that from your vantage point (in your u-bicle) it would appear is as if the world were guided by unconnected, random happenings.

With tracks like "Brown Liquor" Mocean Worker evokes mechanisms of playing cards attached to clothes pins leading to kitten trapped in a drain pipe being rescued by local fire fighters as the fire fighters and being wooed by the ladies at the local house of ill repute circa 1917 whilst Jelly Roll Morton and Django Reinhart wail ancient tribal rhythms called down from the Gods. All the while you are in the middle of a race to get a truckload of bootleg Coors beer from Florida to Texas in an 1978 Trans Am and you only have 24 hours to do it.

Of course the end result achived from this record is : Ass-Shaking.

Well done sir. Well done indeed.

Cinco De Mowo hit's stores June 26th

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