Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Idea of Fun

This looks so f**king funny to me.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Use The Force

When the train arrives on the platform, if I am the first person waiting to get on, I wait for the train to stop , then I raise my right hand to the level of my abdomen, extend my index and middle finger and slowly move it about 4 inches from left to right as the subway doors open. I do this to emulate the appearance that I have opened the subway doors using nothing but the shear will of my mind. People see me do this all the time. I don't mind. I have been doing this for years. Still don't mind. I do not do this upon exiting the train. BUT I DO, DO IT.

Go ahead, act like you don't do some weird shit when you think no one is looking.

Let There Be House

A typical New York Sunday afternoon includes, the following: waking up late, Sunday times, picnic in Ft Greene Park and House music. Lot's of House Music courtesy of is no door policy, no hipster photobloggers, no dj Jeffrosaurus and his girlfriend Mahelxcha. No one in costume. No cover charge. No pre-burning man wind up at all.

Yellow, Brown, Puerto Rican and Haitian all are welcome. And you can bring the kids.

It's as if God Herself handed down a 12" to the dj and said "Play that one next". When the bass dropped God popped up from an amazing windmill and froze, then smiled and said "Ooooh that's my shit!!"

Then this kid showed up and told me it was time to go home.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Given The Prospects...

I choose Prospect Park. Every hipster,grup,art-rock,web designing, blogger in Brooklyn had their choice of things to do last night. Beastie Boys at McCarren Pool, Daft Punk at Coney Island. I, being none of the of the aforementioned chose The Hold Steady at Prospect Park. Just another free event in a long list of quality summer entertainment designed to keep New Yorkers from rioting in the streets do to the oppressive heat.

And the boys delivered as usual.
Here's a bit of "Chips Ahoy"

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sometimes I Wish I was From Barcelona

Last night my dear friend Mitchell was in from Los Angeles and asked me to meet him at Southpaw in Brooklyn. Being the font of information that Mitchell is, he neglected to tell who was playing. As I entered the club, I took note that is was very crowded for a Monday night. There was a band setting up like 20 mics on stage. A girl was taping giant flowers to the mic stand.I had not found Mitchell yet so I still had no idea who was playing and did not bother to ask because I was just there to see my friend( and sometimes I just don't care). Then some people came in with REALLY BIG bags of balloons. At this point I surmised that regardless who was playing these people came for a good time. Half way into my 1st Brooklyn Lager the band took the stage.. All 25 of them. Singing songs about building tree houses, bringing love, and getting Britney some help. I'm from Barcelona put a smile on every face in that club. There was crowd surfing , confetti throwing and kazoo solos. Mitchell later pointed out that only a band from Sweden could get away with such simple melodies. True.

My point is that sometimes you go out in Brooklyn on a Monday night and find yourself in the middle of a Partridge family type montage.

For some reason I did not have a camera with me so here is a video of the band from the pool the day before. You get the idea.